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A. A. Roberts |
Welcome to the Sorcerer's Song and the Cat's Meow's Website.

If you've read the novel please leave your thoughts here.

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Tuesday June 19 2007 - The DreamScape

Joyce Donohoo |
So happy that Jana is having you do a book reading at her celebration party. May good things come of it.
Wednesday June 20 2007

Rosemarie LeRoy |
Arthur- I read it and LOVED it. There is SO MUCH GRACE AND CHARM AND WIT!
Thank you for creating this delightful tale.
I'll be in Storrs July 3 to 9 and hope you will be in town to autograph it for me!
Thursday June 21 2007 - Seal Beach, California

Diana Franco |
I finished the book yesterday and have passed it on to Alex to read. Arthur, I thought it was really good! I laughed many times and definitely got pulled into the story. You've done a terrific job and should be very proud.
FYI, your backpack idea is shared with Hermione from Harry Potter. May that be a sign of more good things to come. :)
Monday August 13 2007 - Herndon, VA

Terry Mitchell |
My wife and I both thoroughly enjoyed the book. Loved the way you wove all the characters and subplots together. You have proven once again to be a multi-talented person with a very creative mind.
Monday October 8 2007 - Houston, TX

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